Kick OFF Tour 2024 Brussels


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Kick OFF Tour 2024 Brussels

ESSENS Kick OFF Tour 2024 will help you start the new year with positive energy and endless possibilities. Get ready for inspirational speakers and unforgettable moments. Join us and change your life for the better.


ESSENS Kick OFF Tour 2024 is for everyone who wants to make their 2024 a success!

Date: 2. 3.  2024 Venue and times to be confirmed.

E-ticket includes entry fee, coffee break, after party with dinner,  PREMIUM PASS for 2024  (Attendance mandatory) (expected duration of the seminar is 7 hours)

In Brussels, we will welcome members from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany all at once. Language availability will be determined by booking numbers from the relevant country.

STAY FOR THE AFTER PARTY! Do not rush home. The after party will follow up after the official education programme. Recommended dress code: blue-white elegance Tickets are non-refundable.