ESSENS "Sampaguita"


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ESSENS "Sampaguita"

The perfume "Sampaguita" will carry you out to the Philippine islands, embraces you with romance from sandy beaches and breath-taking scenery.

Sampaguita, the name for Filipino jasmine, which is the most striking scent of our unique perfume, is derived from the words "Sumpa kita", which means "I promise you". The Filipino legend says that the jasmine shrub grew for the first time on the grave of Filipino beauty, Rosita, who died of pain over the loss of her beloved who fell in battle and was unable to fulfil the promise that their secret love would last despite the war between their native villages.

According to botanists, sampaguita (Jasminum sambac) is a tropical shrub that blooms in the natural climate throughout the whole year. Its blossoms, unlike other types of jasmine, are smaller but with a much stronger scent. It unfolds during the evening and stays in its beauty only one day.

This beautiful white flower is of great importance in Southeast Asia. Since 1934, it has been a national flower in the Philippines and symbolizes hope, purity, devotion, loyalty, and strength. Her heavenly scent formed an important atmosphere in the gardens of the sovereigns. It is used as a gift for couples in love to build a trust in their relationship. Its flowers are used to make wreaths for weddings or to welcome visitors. Sampaguita is also an important part of religious ceremonies showing devotion to the faith. Candles containing extracts are used to cleanse the homes and to expel dark spirits. It is also an example of the fact that even in such a short time, that the blossom of this flower has, anything or anyone can bring a positive impact on its surroundings.

Top note: mandarin, pink pepper
Middle note: jasmine, violet, cashmeran
Base note: woody, amber, musk

Fragrance type: Flowery, Woody