ESSENS 4 elements Purple Air sample


Pakuotės turinys 2 ml

Prieinamumas: Yra sandėlyje

Kategorija: 4 ELEMENTS


ESSENS 4 elements Purple Air sample

In the beginning, the distinctive spicy aroma is dominated by crushed pepper balls, which play with the smoky shades of freshly cut wood. The resulting unisex fragrance has the same characteristics as a blowing breeze and a gust of wind. She is free, tender, stubborn and full of strength.

  • Head: Pepper, cloves, bergamot, cumin
  • Heart: Jasmine
  • Basis: Woody tones, musk

Enjoy stunning perfume sample with 20% content of aromatic essences inspired by the four basic elements. Fire, water, earth and air, released on the occasion of ESSENS Kick OFF 2020 4 Elements, will surely amaze you.